Simplifying the Enterprise

simplicityAs organizations grow, one of the hardest things to do is to keep business processes simple. Complexity in operations is the norm; achieving and maintaining simplicity in how an Enterprise operates is hard and largely unnatural.

A simple operation is rare because simplicity can only be achieved and maintained through a deliberate, systematic approach to how processes and indeed organizational roles are created and how they evolve. Having worked for 25 years on this topic and having had to create simple structures for extremely complex operations in Financial Services, Telecom and Manufacturing, we evolved a concrete approach to deliberately establishing simplicity in the Enterprise and we named this approach Straightline™.

Straightline™ is a methodology to derive architectures of processes and organizations of robust simplicity and lasting power. It is based on the idea that an operation consists of a network of clusters of tasks (processes) where the complexity of this network  of workflows is entirely dependent on the characteristics of the nodes of the network.

Straightline™ provides a path to analyze the current environment and extract from the way things are done a new architecture of simple processes with the desired characteristics.

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