Our Promise

Tony Martins created the Hive Social Model that fosters high collaboration within multi disciplinary teams that have a clear mission and collective responsibility. H.I.V.E stands for Human Interactive Virtual Environment. The mission of a Hive Unit has to be a deliverable that is significant to a customer.

TMA will help you to identify if you need a HIVE to resolve your problems and then we will apply our methodology that consists of 3 simple steps:

  • Assessment
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring

Each Hive can be implemented and up and running within 2 months (including 5 weeks of monitoring).

The success of this implementation relies on following those 3 steps: Assessment, Implementation and Monitoring. If you need more than 1 hive each 3 steps need to be followed and repeated. Since this is a new way of working, we want to make sure each time that everybody is very comfortable and won’t go back in their old habits after during week 3 or week 4.