Operational Al.Che.My


imageFor the past few years, we’ve been evolving and writing about the changes occurring in the business world and the notion of Company of Tomorrow, Today. Such companies already exist. Some are mature, respected global enterprises (e.g., Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook) while others are still young but unquestionable success stories (e.g., Tesla, Dropbox, Box, Uber, Apixio, Snapchat, Lyft). These examples provide great references for what works in the new economy and, by contrast, what is likely to fade away.

But if you want to transform your organization into the model of a Company of Tomorow, Today (Social, Analytical, Mobile, Cloud and Millennial), how do you go from here to there?

In order to help its clients with this question, TMA has developed a methodology that provides a structured path towards that goal. This mehotolodogy is called Operational Al.Che.My. 

(Al for “analytical”, Ch for “Chatting” and M for “Mobile”.)

The methodology has 6 segments:

  • Assessment
  • Immersed Approach
  • Community Mode
  • Social processes
  • Cloud and Mobile
  • Analytics

In Assessment we evaluate the state of the organization and establish the scope of the transformation journey. We assess where the need for this company model may be and the capacity of the organization for collaboration.

Social, the first component of a CoTT, is where the alchemy occurs. Thus, in Assessment we pay particular attention to the ability to move from a command and control model to a social model.

The Immersed Approach is the manner  by which we believe the transformation process can occur best. In this segment of the methodology, we evaluate the specific, pragmatic way in which to implement this approach.

Community Mode is the implementation of the social model by establishing digital HIVEs.

Once the operation has evolved to a social model, we help with the transformation of linear business processes into NeON pathways with no prescribed sequence.

The migration to a Mobile work environment, liberated from desks and desktops, is a gradual process that can occur anytime but is most likely to succeed once digital HIVEs are established. TMA consultants don’t perform this task but we help our Clients establish the need and strategy and to select technology partners for the purpose of this migration.

We put Analytics last because we don’t see Analytics – i.e. the approach of using data to understand what’s happening with the market and the supply chain; to use data insights to detect disruptions; and to use data to guide our interventions – as a separate, isolated, specialized practice. We believe Analytics needs to be integrated into the work environment and change the way every practice works; and we believe this can be best achieved in a model of digital HIVEs with NeON processes operating in a mobile, cloud-centric platform.

Again, TMA doesn’t provide data scientists and specialists in Analytical software but we help architect the manner in which to immerse Analytics into the operation and to select partners that can provide those specialized skills.

We are excited by Operational Al.Che.My and look forward to helping organizations to migrate to a Company of Tomorrow, Today model. Contact us here if you wish to learn more.