About us


Tony Martins & Associates is not a traditional consulting Firm. We are a group of independent senior consultants – we call ourselves Associates – of extensive experience in Enterprise systems – processes, organizations and indeed IT platforms.

Our focus is the simplification of the Enterprise at a large scale. Our belief is that today’s successful Enterprises must follow a model of the workplace that is dramatically different from the prevalent models of the 20th century. The traditional, large, vertically integrated corporation that most Enterprises are accustomed to is outdated and inadequate for the Global economy of today. The latter was formulated by Alfred. P. Sloan of General Motors around the year 1926. The conditions of the time were vastly different from today’s business environment. That model made sense at a time when the industrial economy was just coming of age; when making large quantities of a few things was the main concern of the corporation; when transacting across Enterprises was expensive and the need for concentration of capital was the driving force behind the corporate model of that day.

In the past 2 decades there has been so much change in the underpinnings of the economy – technology, demographics and globalization – that the old model just can’t keep up. In today’s fast moving conditions, a highly structured, regimented command and control structure is crippled by sluggishness that was not apparent not too long ago but is achingly evident in today’s conditions. Today’s consumer is spoiled by an economy with a vast diversity of offerings, easy access to supply anywhere in the world, with a dizzying speed of innovation with new products and indeed new product categories surfacing every day. The consumer – the one whose wallet supports the Enterprise – needs not to be patient or loyal. The number of countries that can place competitive products in all major markets is far more numerous than in the economy of even the 80’s or 90’s. More importantly, in today’s internet economy suppliers don’t have to “place” products anywhere because the consumer of anywhere can easily reach the source of supply no matter how distant it may be.

Thus, in order to be successful, the Company of Tomorrow – a reality of Today already – needs to be simple, elastic, adaptable, needs to be equipped with a workforce enjoying and thriving on change and able to adapt to changing conditions on an ongoing basis. The Company of Tomorrow Today is the “Beta corporation”, an environment permanently in a Beta state of ongoing transformation.

As a consulting outfit, we have pulled together a set of methods and principles that are aimed entirely at helping Enterprises transforming themselves for this world of Tomorrow, Today. We don’t do things like most consulting Firms do; we don’t bring with us a busload of consultants; we don’t supplement apparent staff limitations; we begin by helping you change into a corporation that changes easily; we believe that most Enterprises have an excess of resources and so we always find a way of achieving change and new practices by using in house resources rather than by putting together substantial teams of consultants.

We are not, ourselves, structured as a traditional corporation. We are an Association of experienced people who enjoy our independence and abhor unnecessary overheads. For that reason, we are independent, impartial and ‘violently’ loyal to our customers and their need for change and ‘rejuvenation’.

Nothing is easier than to do business with us. We teach you simplicity. We are ourselves very simple to work with.

Ultimately, our goal is to make ourselves dispensable.