If you’re one of these… We can help

You’re confronted with complex processes in your Operation

Green 3D PersonIn most organizations, from start-ups to large multinationals, processes evolve over time, quite often in response to individual needs that emerge with changes in the business environment. Changes may occur as a result of improvement initiatives, or new services, or organizational changes. But new processes or improvements are rarely architected, i.e., they are rarely added to a previous arrangement in a way that preserves the overall landscape of enterprise operations in a neat, nice and above all simple structure. Complexity builds up over time and at some point, the operation becomes somewhat convoluted. You are likely to observe these symptoms:

  • Things take too long to get done
  • If the market changes and you need to react, it takes a long time
  • Critical improvements in processes take forever to get implemented

If any of the above resonates with you, we can help. If you are interested, look up this section in this site; or look at this article in our blog.

You want to cross the bridge to the new paradigms of social networks, mobile and analytics

Yellow 3D PersonFor a young, new start-up organization created by young people with no  legacy or ties to the enterprise of the 20th century, adopting Tomorrow’s workplace constructs is not particularly difficult. Most companies that operate successfully today already existed 10 or 15 years ago. For them, transforming from a classical command-and-control structure to a social model of people working in communities; to move from the static office cubicle to a dynamic, mobile work force, from a wired phone system to smartphones-only, from in house servers to outsourced IT; or to immerse marketing or operations into predictive analytics – these are daunting challenges. They need a bridge to tomorrow, as it were.

If you’re interested in:

  • Moving towards social models and social networks in the workplace;
  • Reforming IT and making it nimble and current;
  • Leveraging big data analytics;
  • Moving from ‘prisoner of the cubicle’ to ‘my office is anywhere’

and don’t know how; and want to do things in a way that doesn’t cause business disruptions and accrues benefits early on, we can help. To find out how, visit this section in this site; and have a read of this article in our blog.